Forget your worries and immerse yourself in a relaxing atmosphere

  • All massages are performed by a qualified practitioner.
  • We do not offer “Duo” Massages
  • All massages will take place at Demeure Terrisse
  • Organic products concocted by a Naturopath

“Caring for others is at the heart of my job.
Listening to you, reconnecting you to yourself, accompanying you on this journey is a real passion.
My investment is total, my intention, my energy is dedicated to your well-being…
So let yourself go, I’ll take care of everything.”

Our masseuse offers a variety of massages:

Signature massage

Looking for a wellness break?
After a 5-minute interview, I’ll combine different skills to offer you a massage that’s just like you.
A journey that will transport you to a space of relaxation, disconnection and profound letting go.
Enveloping, relaxing and sometimes even vibrating, your whole body will benefit from surrendering.

Californian massage

A timeless journey where mind and body reconnect.
Enveloping, relaxing and draining, this massage alternates fluid and more vigorous strokes to deliver deep, long-lasting well-being. A global massage for total surrender.

Thai massage

Ready for total muscle relaxation?
Using kneading, acupressure and stretching techniques, this massage, which is more suited to sports enthusiasts, invites you to relax deeply, but also to feel invigorated. It works the muscles in depth, relieves tension and eliminates toxins.

Ayurvedic massage

Originating in India and derived from Ayurveda, this massage frees your energy channels (the nadis) to harmonize your physical and mental energy.
It acts on mood, confidence and self-esteem. The warm sesame and apricot kernel oil used will feel like a warm envelope around your body. All you can do is let go.


55-minute service …………………. 89 €
90-minute service ………………… €109

Please reserve your service at the time of booking your stay.